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Terms and Conditions

The buyer are defined as the 'Organising Committee' or 'Club' or 'team' or 'governing body' or 'sponsor' means the organisation which has requested and contracted DigiGraphics Ltd. to cover the Event. This will normally be the host organisation for the event, the class, club, association, sponsoring company, the site owners or appointed operators or an inter-club committee in the case of a regatta organised by more than one club .

"the Event" means the published or appointed day for the event that DigiGraphics Ltd. has been commissioned / contracted to cover. The event is defined by the dates, inclusive of practice / qualifying race days and the course, track or other geographic boundaries in which the event will be held.

What DigiGraphics Ltd. undertakes to do:
Take photographs of the Event within the definitions above, within safety limits, public order regulations, respect of all local bylaw limits, any participants, guests (paying or invited), support or other recognised organisers teams or helpers this where applicable to the statement of terms of the engagement agreed between the DigiGraphics and the buyer. Endeavour to publish the photographs on the Company's website at www.DigiGraphics.co.uk normally within 24 hours of that day's event / racing. Manage the quality and delivery of the products ordered.

The Buyer agrees to do:
Provide DigiGraphics Ltd. with unrestricted access to the event (premises, facilities, vehicles, launches, )during the period of the Event. Provide DigiGraphics Ltd. with secure storage facilities for DigiGraphics Ltd. equipment (ie vehicles, equipment, boats, launching/mooring facilities) covered by the organisers insurance. Allowing for DigiGraphics Ltd. banners to be displayed at agreed locations at the event, publicise DigiGraphics Ltd. coverage by inclusion of logos on event literature and distributing the leaflets provided by DigiGraphics Ltd. Providing internet links from the event organisers website to www.digigraphics.co.uk in turn DigiGraphics Ltd. will provide a link to the buyer's website. Provide DigiGraphics Ltd. with a full media pack relating to the event covering: entrants, teams, organisation, venue and buyer profiles prior to the event.

Intellectual Property
The copyright of all photographs taken by copies DigiGraphics Ltd. Remain the property of the company which reserves the right to publish them where ever is appropriate for commercial purposes except, when it is not in the public interest and/or requested by a government body or interested parties. Some pictures may not be available for sale and will be marked as such. Items supplied on CD or Digital files or hardcopy will be deemed as exclusively done so for the intended user only and they in turn by receiving the media undertake and agree to these terms and conditions and copyright rules associated by ensuring no illegal copies are made and used outside of these terms and conditions without prior written permission or agreement.

The 'buyer' will not hold DigiGraphics Ltd. responsible, nor will DigiGraphics Ltd. accept any responsibility, for any failure, or perceived failure, to produce photographs of an acceptable standard.

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